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Each person strives for comfort, and it is essential that comfort and beauty reign at home. Plumbing, as an essential attribute of every home, should be comfortable, beautiful, and functional. It’s no secret that every apartment, house, or cottage has a water supply, heating, and sewerage system. To work smoothly and thus create comfort in the room, they need maintenance. Each owner’s house or apartment strives to equip its home with modern, stylish, and high-quality furniture while not forgetting to do plumbing work well and tastefully. Well-executed plumbing work is one of the conditions for a comfortable stay in the house.

The plumbers in New York company performs plumbing work in NYC. We can restore lost quality to your equipment and keep it working for a long time.

We offer plumbing work of varying complexity, and our specialists will perform a full range plumbing in New York work as quickly as possible and at a reasonable cost.

Prices for services in New York

Service name Price
Plumbing From $100
Drain Cleaning From $270
Toilet Installation or Replacement From $190
Sewer Line Installation and Repair From $80
Gas Line Installation From $50
All services are "turnkey"
Working with us you get the highest level of service
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Advantages of our company New York plumber

Mobility, punctuality, quick arrival to the customer, exemplary quality of work.
A fair, reasonable, and affordable price for plumbing repair and installation services.
Installation of only the most reliable components of the best manufacturers instead of failed parts and assemblies.

We employ highly qualified plumbing in New York city, which allows them to work with the latest equipment from the best manufacturers. We will do even the most complex plumbing work on time, without causing you discomfort and unnecessary trouble.

We care about you, and we know that the correct and professional connection of any device depends on the safety of your family. Therefore, we employ top-level specialists with experience, and installation plumbing is carried out with the issuance of a guarantee. We use exclusively modern, high-quality materials designed specifically for this type of plumbing work. We work 24 hours 7 days a week.

Plumbing work is a wide range of services that require a high level of qualification of specialists. Since illiterate work in the field of installation or repair of the heating system, plumbing and sewerage lead to great destruction. Installation work must be carried out by competent, qualified plumbers in New York and county, on whom it will depend durability and serviceability of equipment: bath, toilet, sink, mixer, radiator, boiler, and others. Turning to us for a service, you will be convinced of the good quality of work and service. We value the client, and we know what quality is. So, it’s better to hurry up.

Among the main advantages of our approach to organizing plumbing work at home for customers in New York, we note:

  • Highly qualified staff. Each of us can professionally perform any work listed in the price list of plumbing services from the New York.Plumbing company.
  • Accuracy in work, New York plumber cares for the health and property of the customer. And we always clean up the area after ourselves!

Reviews from our clients New York

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Rating :

The bathtub was clogged, urgent help was needed. While other services refused to go to an urgent call, Plumbers in New York responded immediately and sent a technician within a few hours. The problem was eliminated, recommendations were additionally given for further work and means that will help with drain cleaning in the future. Thank you very much for the prompt help!

Rating :

After studying the market for plumbing repair services, we chose “New York plumbing”.

  We needed to replace pipes and wiring in a hot and cold water tower that is over 30 years old. I was pleasantly surprised by the style of work. Quickly (in one day), professionally and neatly! At the end of the work, the masters took out all the waste, old pipes and garbage. Furniture and walls in the apartment were not affected by dust, as they were covered with plastic wrap by the craftsmen. Work culture at the highest level!

List of our services

Water Leak Detection
Drain Cleaning Services
Trenchless Sewer Repair

Plumber New York services

Plumbing work, unlike finishing, requires a high level of responsibility, so such work should be entrusted to professionals who know their business. Plumbing.New York repairs are not limited to clearing blockages or cleaning pipes. We offer a full range of services of any level and complexity at an affordable cost.

Water line replacement

Replacement of water risers and replacement of water pipes often needed for the following reasons. Usually, this the occurrence of blockages and the appearance of fistulas, as well as the exit water pipes out of order as a result of the end operational period. In these or similar situations, a master plumber must have a good amount of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Our New York plumbers fully meet these requirements.

For the replacement of water pipes to be successful, pipes must be made of quality materials. Today we usually use pipes made of polypropylene, metal polymers, and metal plastic.

The professionalism of our New York plumbers allows you to prevent errors in installation calculations and perform work by normative technical acts.

The operation of replacing hot and cold water risers is divided into several main steps:

  • the dismantling of old worn-out pipes;
  • measurements and calculations for new pipe profiles;
  • installation of additional auxiliary parts;
  • and the actual installation of new risers or water pipes.

Experienced plumbers perform the replacement of water pipes in full compliance with the water supply line, will make mandatory sealing of threaded connections and other required types of work.

Pipe diagnostics

Diagnostics of pipelines to detect places of damage (water leakage) of underground (hidden) pipelines of water supply, hot water supply, central heating, steam pipelines, intra-house and pipelines of pools and artificial reservoirs.

  • Determination of a damaged section in a branched extended pipeline.
  • Check valves for leaks.
  • Search for uncontrolled water leaks in automatic irrigation systems.
  • Checking new pressure pipelines after builders for tightness.

When searching for leaks from pipelines, New York plumber uses acoustic leak detectors, correlation leak detectors, the tracer gas method (hydrogen with nitrogen), moisture meters and, a thermal imager, a trace detector.

Trenchless sewerage

The method of repairing trenchless sewer pipes has the following advantages:

  • heavy equipment is not used – excavators, graders, bulldozers;
  • high speed — our workers pass up to 100 meters of pipe per day;
  • there is no impact on urban infrastructure – roads, sidewalks, and lawns remain intact;
  • no need to block traffic, change the schedule of public transport;
  • the seasonal factor does not affect the quality of the repair;
  • affordable sewer restoration price compared to any laying method.

As a result of the work carried out, the parameters are restored to the level of the new network. The service life of the sanitized sewage system is increased up to 50 years due to the effective parameters of the elastic sleeve made of composite materials.

Trenchless restoration is especially effective in places where the open method is unacceptable – in the area of ​​​​mass construction, under bridges, viaducts, railway tracks, near highways, and busy roads.

The company New York.Plumbing uses its technology of sanitation by the sleeve method. Our method allows you to complete the work within the agreed time and ensures high quality and system performance.

Water heaters

Citizens have long been accustomed to comfort. Hot water in the house is no longer a luxury but a necessary element of everyday life. Some residents of New York use centralized hot heating, and others use heat exchangers. Household heaters use different types of fuel (electricity, gas) and belong to various brands, but they have one task – heating the liquid.

Is your boiler broken? Our New York plumbers will solve this problem. The master working on this profile will always come to your aid and carry out repairs at home.

We have been working for a long time, having good experience behind us. The availability of a wide range of spare parts allows you to quickly restore the performance of equipment.

Turnkey services

If you want to order this or that service of plumbing.New York, for example, replacing a potential dryer or installing heating, the work begins with the departure of the master and determining the scope of work.

After examining the existing conditions for the installation and the purchased appliances, the plumber will announce the price of plumbing work. If there is everything necessary for their implementation, he will proceed.

When it comes to repairs in a new building, as a rule, turnkey plumbing work is required. They include the following steps:

  • Drawing up a plan for the placement of sanitary points.
  • Calculation of the required amount of materials and devices based on the plan.
  • Purchase of plumbing pipes, connections, fittings, valves, hoses, and other materials.
  • If there is plaster on the walls, strobes are made for water pipes.

Sewer pipes can be mounted both on the walls and on the floor if the screed is poured. If the location of the plumbing will be transferred, then the pipes must be pulled through the tee to drain.

After tile work, plumbing is installed, and faucets are connected.

This is not the whole list of services performed by our employees. We are ready to quickly and efficiently solve any problem related to plumbing. Turning to us for help, you will receive a selection of high-quality materials, expert advice, as well as reasonable rates for the performance of work.

Plumbers New York also have considerable experience in working with water-based heating systems. Any type of heater can be installed. Our employees will also help in the case when it is necessary to install a new boiler and install radiators that heat the area. To familiarize you with the prices, it is worth studying the price list for plumbing works. Current requirements can also install water meters.

Popular questions

Plumbing work is one of the most responsible types of work, and it is impossible to make mistakes or inattention here. Therefore we use only high-quality and proven material and work very responsibly. These criteria also add up to the cost of the work. The cost of best plumbing in New York NYC services depends on the need for additional work, the deterioration of the water pipes in the apartment, and your wishes and requirements.

Several criteria by which, in our opinion, you can choose a qualified plumber in New York NYC with experience:

  • A competent plumber will always be able to calculate the set of the necessary material for plumbing work always give deadlines.
  • Recommend quality plumbing fixtures.
  • A good plumber, as a rule, is in demand, and often customers stand in line for him.
  • A good plumber cannot have low prices.
  • A qualified plumber has experience with most modern materials and knows where to apply which is best.
  • A qualified plumber always takes into account possible difficulties with subcontractors.
  • An intelligent plumber will never tell you the final cost of the job over the phone without a preview.
  • An intelligent plumber will always consult or give advice.
  • A professional plumber will always give a guarantee for the work performed.

Perhaps these are the main points that you should pay attention to when looking for a plumber or just an intelligent master. Our specialists have all these qualities.

The most popular plumbing services are the following types of work:

  • Repair or replacement of a faucet in the kitchen, installation of a sink, or installation of a sink.
  • Installation of a heated towel rail and installation of a water filter.
  • Repair of a tank, replacement, installation, and connection of a toilet bowl.
  • Installation of a boiler, replacement of a heating element, or a protective magnesium anode of a water heater.
  • Installation of the water meter, removal of the water meter for verification, reverse installation of the meter.
  • Repair or installation of faucets in the bathroom and installation of a wash basin.

The list of capital tasks for the installation of water supply systems or the replacement of sewerage includes the following works:

  • Replacement or installation of new water pipes in an apartment or private house.
  • Installation of sewerage in a private house, repair or replacement of a sewer riser in an apartment.
  • Installation of shower cabins, jacuzzis, metal (steel, cast iron), or acrylic bathtubs.
  • Replacement of risers of cold and hot water in multi-apartment and private houses.
  • Installation of polypropylene pipes instead of corroded steel pipes.
  • Distribution of heating pipes in an apartment or a private house.

Professional plumbing work is only possible for specialists with a whole baggage of skills, knowledge, and experience. Sometimes only with the help of a team of employees, it is possible to eliminate the accident and ensure the functioning of the water supply and sewerage.

Saving on specialists can lead to even more significant losses because poorly installed pipes will explode at any moment, flooding several floors in a row.

A poorly installed faucet can flood you at night or when no one is home, destroying furniture, flooring, appliances, and even wallpaper.

Order services from best plumbers in New York NYC, and you will be insured against such troubles, as you will receive a guarantee confirmed by the contract.

Our professional plumbers provide the most reliable and affordable plumbing services. Whether you need quick water leak service or just want to repair your pipe, plumbers in New York NYC are there.

Proudly Serving: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx.

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